A Contractor’s Project Perspective

Winter 2013

contractor recounts challenges



A Contractor’s Project Perspective

This was a difficult project for a number of reasons, recounts the ICPI member contractor whose company laid the plaza pavers.

bridge4The wet-cast, hand-molded pavers selected for this project made it difficult to get the lines just right because of the variance from one paver to the next. Some of the lines were 200 feet (60 m) or longer, which would present a challenge even with straight-edged pavers, the contractor says. Another challenge was working with long, narrow pavers, 12 to 18 in. (300 to 450 mm) in length by 3 in. (75 mm) across. If such pavers are not set just right, they tend to cant to one side or the other. One way to avoid this, the contractor explains, is by using step boards so that the installer doesn’t roll the previous paver as he lays the next one down.

No complaints though, says the contractor. The job is to get it done, satisfy the contract, and make everyone happy.