Clearing the Air

Spring 2013

Dustless saw offers utility of power without the mess

by David R. Smith


Clearing the Air

iQ Power Tools introduces dustless saws for cutting concrete and clay pavers, segmental retaining wall units, masonry bricks and blocks. These saws combine diamond-tipped saw blades mounted on a table with a vacuum and filter dust collection system. Developed by a former mason, the saws emit almost no dust, making them compliant with personal exposure limits mandated by California and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

While a hand-held chop saw is the quickest means to cut pavers, it is also the dirtiest because of all the dust it creates. Dust inhalation is a hidden, long-term danger that can increase the risk of silicosis in the lungs. With current regulations that limit worker exposure to silica dust, and possible stricter ones being considered by OSHA, compliance is within reach with these saws.