Form Follows Function

Winter 2016

Redesigned ICPI website focuses on user needs first and foremost


Form Follows Function

Returning and new site visitors alike will find a refined and inviting homepage at Contractors, designers, and homeowners are now able to access the specific information they need simply by clicking on the corresponding portal. A “Members Only” portal rounds out the quartet of initial entry points for exploration. More importantly, the new website also features a new search-by-proximity function for users to quickly find the resources and service providers closest to their location.

Ultimately, the new website design resulted from understanding the need to get ICPI members and the general public access to ICPI’s technical resources in an easier and more visually appealing manner. In such a visual industry, ICPI drew upon the stellar work of its members to showcase a range of design possibilities—new and sustainable—with easier access. Given the depth and breadth of information ICPI provides, the Institute structured the site by curating information specific to the needs of a particular site visitor— contractor, designer, or homeowner— rather than require the visitor to search through much of the available information as the old site required.

Another noteworthy change is the Paving Systems link in the green home-page navigation bar. Here, visitors can learn about the benefits, installation and maintenance requirements of concrete pavers, permeable pavers, paving slabs and grids. The Idea Gallery of old has been reimagined and renamed Project Profiles and provides more imagery and more information about each project. The familiar Resource Library tab is retained from the old site due to its usefulness for quick searches. Education & Certification remains a top-level category for visitors to access this important information. Events and Newsroom complete the offerings of the homepage navigation bar.

Not only does the new site include more photos, they are given more prominence to bring projects to life on screen. Also featured are designs for do-it-yourself ideas. Information on best practices gives guidance on homeowner topics such as how to choose the right contractor. For design professionals and contractors, Tech Specs provide a wealth of information to help design, specify, construct and maintain a project.

For Contractors

The contractor portal explains the benefits of being an ICPI contractor member. Contractors can enter and view featured projects, easily access info on how to become certified, learn how to sign up for courses, access archived webinars for self-guided education, and read tips on installation and maintenance. The contractor portal features:

  • Awards
  • Benefits
  • Certification
  • Education
  • FAQ
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Resources

For Designers

The designer portal features guide specs, detail drawings, design manuals, technical papers, and more for those experienced with segmental pavement design as well as for those new to it. The designer portal features:

  • Guide Specifications
  • Detail Drawings
  • Design Manuals and Software
  • Project Profiles
  • FAQ
  • Technical Papers

For Homeowners

The homeowner portal provides information on different pavement types, design ideas, an overview of the basic considerations when selecting a contractor, and also DIY information and guidance. The homeowner portal features:

  • Pavement Types
  • Design Ideas
  • Installation Basics
  • DIY
  • Selecting a Contractor
  • Maintenance
  • Resources
  • FAQ

For Members Only

A broad and robust suite of opportunities await ICPI members through this portal. Tools to manage one’s profile and preferences, view upcoming events, a bookmark feature to collect articles, and access to the Member Directory are but a sample of the many benefits the new website offers. Additional resources include: minutes from past meetings and agendas for those upcoming; guidance for marketing one’s business; information on government relations; chapter resources; and information on promotions, incentive programs, how to sponsor an ICPI course for contractors, or become an instructor.

Better Experience, Faster Access

The redesigned website offers a better user experience and faster access to the infor-mation visitors are seeking while simultaneously presenting imagery in its proper prominence, front and center. The homeowner portal in par-ticular broadens the appeal and value of ICPI to the general public with the goal of heightening brand awareness. And the Member’s Only portal increases accessibility and usefulness for those who support the continued work of the Institute.