Get With the (New) Program

Spring 2013

ICPI creates accreditation program to recognize contractors


Get With the (New) Program

ICPI is pleased to announce the creation of the Accredited Paver Installation Company Program (APIC) to recognize companies that meet industry best practices.

In 1995, ICPI designed the ICPI Certified Installer Program, which has trained close to 20,000 individuals.A central concept of the ICPI Certified Installer Program is that an individual becomes a certified installer, not a company. As a result, some member companies have been unable to effectively promote that they follow industry best practices and ICPI guidelines. The new APIC program recognizes companies that consistently install interlocking concrete pavements in the U.S. and Canada to industry guidelines, best practices and according to professional principles.

Features of the program:

  • Marketing to promote APIC participants, including additional company listing and web links on the ICPI website;
  • A Construction Task List that requires trained personnel to be present at key construction steps;
  • A Code of Conduct that sets a model for businesses to follow.

Requirements for the program:

  • The owner/principal of the company must hold a current ICPI Certified Installer certificate;
  • An ICPI Certified Installer must be present on every job site and actively involved in each step identified in the Construction Task List that is part of the company’s scope of work;
  • The work performed by the company must be within their area of experience and of a scope similar to previous company projects;
  • All employees must comply with a company safety program;
  • The company must pledge to uphold the APIC Code of Conduct;
  • The company must maintain current commercial insurance policies and produce insurance coverage certificates when and where requested by ICPI or a customer.