HNA 2013 Awards

Fall 2013

Details of this year's winning projects in the concrete paver category


HNA 2013 Awards

Winning Projects


1 Manatee Bridge

Manatee Bridge

Manatee Bridge

  • Category: Commercial/Industrial: 1,000–15,000 sf
  • Project Location: Stuart, FL
  • Area: 2,500 sf
  • Contractor: Sunshine Land Design
  • Main Product Manufacturer: Belgard
  • Project Designer: Kimley-Horn and Associates

Project Description:
The City of Stuart revitalized a waterfront dining area using designer Keith Pelan’s choice of vibrant colors and paver fan patterns that suggest ripples in the water. The contractor, Sunshine Land Design, solved many challenges, including the installation of a decorative concrete ribbon right through the middle of the paver fan pattern. Construction precautions were taken to prevent pollution of the nearby waterway.


2 Fish Pond & Labyrinth Combination

Fish pond

Fish Pond & Labyrinth Combination

  • Category: Commercial/Industrial: More than 15,000 sf
  • Project Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Area: 15,000 sf
  • Contractor: DUCON Industries, FZCO Installation Division
  • Main Product Manufacturer: DUCON Industries, FZCO
  • Project Designer: DUCON Design Division

Project Description:
DUCON Industries was commissioned to install a sophisticated and complex paver fish pond next to a paver labyrinth at a private villa. The turnkey project included a pond and water feature with 900 mini-koi fish. Execution of the project required a dedicated staff with 42 years of field experience to initiate this successful design, manufacture the concrete pavers, cut them perfectly and install the project. Over 22,000 Holland cut pavers were used, requiring approximately 40,000 man-hours to install. Each unique piece allows for a multidimensional perspective of water turbulence and of the fish.


3 Carter Residence

Carter Residence

Carter Residence

  • Category: Residential: Less than 3,000 sf
  • Project Location: Council Bluffs, IA
  • Area: 2,200 sf
  • Contractor: Paver Designs, LLC
  • Main Product Manufacturer: Belgard
  • Project Designer: Justin Hampton

Project Description:
This project was built by Jim and Justin Hampton of Paver Designs, LLC, a father and son company with no other employees. The two-level patio/entertainment area is approximately 2,200 sf (200 m2). Pavers were placed over 1 in. (2.5 cm) of bedding sand and 9 in. (23 cm) of crushed, recycled concrete base. Belgard Dublin Cobble and Mega Arbel pavers filled the primary field. Designs were laid out on the pavers, all cut individually, then filled in with Belgard red and gold Hollandstone pavers. NuLook, a Techniseal product, was applied to the paver surface to enrich its colors. Techniseal’s HG Plus polymeric joint stabilizer was used during the final compaction. A Harmony fireplace, wood boxes, and grill island were installed in the lower patio area. The two-level backyard patio is connected by sidewalks to a nearly duplicated front courtyard.


4 Mahaz Project

Mahaz Project

Mahaz Project

  • Category: Residential: More than 3,000 sf
  • Project Location: Sand Point, MI
  • Area: 3,240 sf
  • Contractor: Esch Landscaping LLC
  • Main Product Manufacturer: Unilock
  • Project Designer: Matt Esch

Project Description:
This hardscape project was constructed on the beach of Lake Huron at “the top of the thumb area” in Michigan. The house and landscape began on an empty lot between two existing homes. The designer addressed elevations, proximity regulations with neighboring homes, construction deadlines and clients living in another state. The clients required an outdoor kitchen, firepit, shower area, adequate sun bathing area, shade for comfort when entertaining guests and easy access to the beach. The hardscape team successfully shared space with the home construction crews. With the project beginning in March, wind and weather caused difficult working conditions because the site faced open water.


5 Texas Department of Transportation Project

Texas Department of Transportation

Texas Department of Transportation

  • Category: Transportation/Municipal Street
  • Project Location: Canyon, TX
  • Area: 10,300 sf
  • Contractor: Concrete Paver Systems
  • Main Product Manufacturer: Pavestone
  • Project Designer: Pat Brinkman and Texas Department of Transportation

Project Description:
This Texas Department of Transportation Project in Randall County is unique because of its three-color blend with 3 and 6 in. (7.5 and 15 cm) Highland Stone Retaining Wall blocks plus the 8 in. (20 cm) Diamond Pro Stone Cut Retaining Wall blocks. This was the first time that all three of these blocks were used together. The pavers on the embankment create a mural of the surrounding canyon. The landscape architect, Pat Brinkman, used a variety of products to give depth and visualization to the project. The products included in the mural were 2.3 in. and 3.2 in. (6 cm and 8 cm) Holland Stone and 3.2 in. (8 cm) split face Carriage Stone. A beautiful mural results with great color, texture and depth.


6 Ohio Expo Center Cardinal Corridor

Ohio Expo Center

Ohio Expo Center

  • Category: Permeable: Commercial/Industrial
  • Project Location: Columbus, OH
  • Area: 25,000 sf
  • Contractor: The Decorative Paving Company
  • Main Product Manufacturer: Oberfields, LLC
  • Project Designer: Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Project Description:
Welcome to the 160th Ohio State Fair! A 300-ft (90 m) long boulevard known as the Cardinal Corridor welcomes visitors. This project began a multi-year initiative to beautify the Ohio Expo Center by transforming acres of pavement into grass and trees that provide shade and reduce stormwater runoff. Nine trees were planted in runoff-reducing cells along the center of the newly created corridor. Surrounding the cells, grass pavers with sod create green space desired by the designers. The crowning feature of the boulevard is 25,000 sf (2,300 m2) of permeable pavers. Underdrains below the paver fields connect to the cells and provide filtered water to the tree roots. The system can store approximately 20,000 gal. (75,700 L) of water, or the equivalent of a 1 in. per hour rainfall on three-quarters of an acre. The red, buff and charcoal colors create the autumn blend to compliment the Cardinal Corridor entry feature. The pavers were laid in a ninety-degree herringbone pattern to accommodate vehicular traffic. A charcoal-colored soldier course around the center grass area provides a visual frame that ties the entire space together.



Mountain Modern

03 Mountain Modern

  • Project Location: Cedar Hills, UT
  • Area: 1,100 sf
  • Contractor: Platinum Landscape, LLC
  • Main Product Manufacturer: Belgard

Urban Masterpiece

03 Urban Masterpiece

  • Project Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Area: 2,500 sf
  • Contractor: Platinum Site Development
  • Main Product Manufacturer: Unilock

Outdoor Patios, Bar, Grill and Firepit

03 Outdoor Patio

  • Project Location: Palos Hills, IL
  • Area: 1,500 sf
  • Contractor: Prairie Path Pavers
  • Main Product Manufacturer: Unilock

Temecula Civic Center

01 Temecula Civic Center

  • Project Location: Temecula, CA
  • Area: 11,150 sf
  • Contractor: Western Pavers, Inc.
  • Main Product Manufacturer: Acker-Stone

Huntington TrainStation Project

06 Huntington Train

    • Project Location: Huntington Station, NY
    • Area: 600 sf
    • Contractor: Deck and Patio Company
    • Main Product Manufacturer: Techo-Bloc

Dallas Area RapidTransit Orange Line

05 Dallas Area Rapid Transit Orange Line

      • Project Location: Dallas, TX
      • Area: 500,000 sf
      • Contractor: Classic Tejas Construction
      • Main Product Manufacturer: Belgard Hardscapes

Hybrid Drive

04 Hybrid Drive

        • Project Location: Williamsburg, VA
        • Area: 5,000 sf
        • Contractor: Mid Atlantic Enterprise, Inc.
        • Main Product Manufacturer: Unilock

Battle Command Training Center Test Pad

07 Battle Command Training

        • Project Location: Carson, CO
        • Area: 4,000 sf
        • Contractor: Continental Hardscape Systems, LLC
        • Main Product Manufacturer: Pavestone Company
        • Project Designer: Applied Research Associates, Inc., U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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