Just Released!

Spring 2014

Tech Spec 19: Design, Construction and Maintenance of Interlocking Concrete Pavement Crosswalks


Just Released!

Tech Spec 19 provides a brief summary of the interlocking concrete pavement crosswalk research sponsored by the ICPI. Four different assemblies were monitored, and their life span before they reached a minimum serviceability level was determined, ranging from 700,000 to 7.5 million ESAL.

Assemblies included aggregate, asphalt bound and concrete bases, using concrete sand and bituminous bedding layers. Considerations for the design and constructions are noted, and they include paver selection, paver shape and laying pattern, selection of bedding sand and joint sand, use of geotextiles, and drainage requirements. Recommendations are also provided for the maintenance of ICP crosswalks, and specifically consider subsidence/settlement, rutting, asphalt subsidence, replacement of damaged or cracked pavers, and reinstatement of the ICP system.

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