Noctilucent Design

Spring 2013

Glow-in-the-dark pavements are not just novel, they are also practical

by Andrew Conner


Noctilucent Design

NighTec Company from Germany has made a business of making ordinary pavement, furniture and other products glow-in-the-dark. NighTec offers a wide array of products for industrial users and industrial consumers. Their products range from a mix that illuminate concrete to “effect yarn” which can be used like any other yarn to make items like furniture or rugs luminescent.paving2

UV light powers NighTec’s noctilucent (i.e., glow-in-the-dark) products. Just like the constellations on your child’s bedroom ceiling, NighTec products need to be “charged” to achieve the full effect. This charging requires no actual power and occurs naturally if the product is in the sun. NighTec encourages designers to keep this in mind when they incorporate noctilucent products in their designs.

Made for darkness, these products have many practical applications. For example, pavers made with noctilucent concrete mix can be used to delineate parking spaces that change from gray during the day to neon blue (or other colors) at night. The pavers can also be used to make paths and stair steps easier to see at night. Of course, they also make great ornamental accents, allowing hidden designs and colors to pop up in the evening. Effects last 8 to 12 hours, depending on the environment.paving3