Learning Curve

The ICPI Foundation for Education and Research awarded the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) a three-year, $75,000 grant to enhance the Landscape Performance Series (LPS), an online interactive resource that helps designers, agencies and advocates evaluate performance, share best practices and make the case for sustainable landscape solutions.

Launched in 2010, www.landscapeperformance.org showcases evidence-based environmental, social and economic benefits of landscape by sharing information and innovations from the fields of design research and academia, as well as industry and professional practice. Much of the site provides case studies demonstrating landscape performance with detailed information on performance assessment of economic, environmental and social benefits of landscape designs with the human and natural systems with which they interact.

Besides significant visibility for the ICPI Foundation, the grant includes input from the ICPI Foundation by curating case studies with segmental concrete pavement systems and by providing product information. The site’s content will be filterable by landscape system, such as interlocking or permeable interlocking concrete pavements. The most significant aspect of the program will be a new training section that the ICPI Foundation will develop with LAF, “Designing for High Performance,” with the first learning module focused on segmental concrete pavement.

Moreover, the ICPI Foundation has opportunities to share their research and sustainability initiatives within the LPS. This will be in the form of blog posts or a curated “collection” of content as part of the new website. Since its inception in 2000, the ICPI Foundation has sponsored several research projects to better define the economic, environmental and social performance of segmental concrete pavements. The LAF website provides significant visibility for the ICPI Foundation with landscape architects and academics via a website that receives over 90,000 visits annually.