Indoor plants bring warmth and comfort to any room. Without them, for example, the window sill looks empty and inconspicuous. Most people, especially women, try to buy them into the house in order to ennoble the surrounding space. Home flowers are sold in specialized stores, stalls, and markets. Read electric weed grinder review.

Essential Fertilizer Knowledge

However, houseplants need to be carefully looked after, for example, from time to time, use geranium and petunias for flowering. “Vitamins” are necessary and consist of complex fertilizers. Subject to the season. You will also have to deduct the nutritional composition. By the way, geraniums do not require organic feeding, and petunias are fed with nitrogen fertilizers during the seedling and formation period. You can order them in our online store. Geraniums are fed with mineral fertilizers at home. The main components of the nutritional formula:

  1. nitrogen;
  2. phosphorus;
  3. potassium.

The necessary fertilizers for geranium flowering can be purchased on our website. It also makes sense to buy trace elements, biostimulants, plant protection.

What we are happy to offer gardeners

For all buyers: experienced flower growers and beginners, we presented a wide range of dressings that stimulate the growth and flowering of indoor flora. On the pages of our site you will find the necessary products of famous brands. The cost of fertilizers will delight you if you are breeding indoor plants.
The price of petunia is low and it grows well at home. In order not to violate the biochemistry of plants and to enable the flower to grow normally, many growers acquire liquid fertilizing. They are concentrated solutions, that is, before use, they must be diluted with water in a certain percentage. Sold in Ukraine and in our online store.

A florist must know

Balanced mineral complexes are suitable for feeding geraniums. If the iodine percentage is high, the plant will react with increased flowering. It is deadly to introduce liquid compositions directly into the soil. Such plant flowering stimulants destroy the root system. Therefore, the geranium should be fertilized after thorough watering, approximately after 50-60 minutes.
Petunia can be fed before planting. Fertilizers of this type are called “long-playing” fertilizers. The granules are introduced into the ground and gradually dissolve there due to intensive watering. An obvious plus of the unpretentious method is that fertilizer for flowering is applied once, for a whole season. A significant disadvantage is that it is difficult to control the degree of soil saturation with the necessary substances.

You can buy fertilizers in Kiev

It is not a problem to purchase modern feeding for indoor plants in different cities of the country. Another question is how to use them. For example, magnesium sulfate is needed to grow geraniums. A good, stable balance of nutrients will create favorable conditions for inflorescences, constant flowering. To maintain healthy plant growth, calcium supplements are needed.

Many gardeners use dry or liquid fertilizers to flower indoor plants, particularly petunias. It is recommended to apply active fertilizing to the soil once every 7 days. However, experienced flower growers act differently: since the houseplant quickly absorbs fertilizers, it is possible to irrigate the soil with them every other day, but with the condition of adding a weak solution to the soil. According to reviews, petunias perceive such as feeding much more intensively.

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