Pizza has now become a specialty that is no longer the prerogative of pizzerias, but it has become an important part of the menus of typical restaurants and trattorias, without forgetting that you can also find the classic pizza in pubs and many bars. The small commercial pizza oven is required for a restaurant pizza business.

The demand is constantly increasing and more and more customers like to eat pizza even at lunch, so much so that many activities, especially those in large cities frequented by employees during the lunch break, have decided to buy a pizza oven in order to meet the needs of customers.

Obviously having a traditional wood-burning oven, especially for kitchens with little space and that were born to meet other criteria of food preparation, is not easy but it is not at all said that the only good pizza is the wood-burning oven.

Electric ovens are used by an increasing number of Italian pizzerias and activities related to the world of catering, ensuring high quality cooking capable of creating delicious pizzas.

There are many advantages that push more and more activities to choose a modern electric pizza oven instead of traditional solutions, given the practicality and cost-effectiveness of the models currently on the market and marketed by specialized companies.

The electric oven allows you to cook and bake several pizzas at the same time, maintaining a constant and unvarying temperature and simplifying the work of pizza makers.

Electric ovens are not all the same

When choosing the best electric pizza oven, you have to start from the assumption that these are not all the same and, especially if you are part of the type of activity that is approaching pizza cooking for the first time, identifying the model suitable for your needs could be very difficult, with the danger of finding a type of equipment that is even counterproductive.

Size, practicality of use, uniformity in cooking, speed in reaching the operating temperature and, of course, costs of consumption in the bill are the characteristics that must be considered before choosing the best pizza oven for your professional kitchen.


In this case the dimensions count, so the first thing to take into consideration is the place, inside the kitchen, where the oven will be placed, trying to choose a model that is not too small.

In fact, in addition to having to pay attention to the overall dimensions, it is good to pay a lot of attention to the capacity of the pizza oven, so as to choose it suitable for your needs in terms of the number of pizzas that you can prepare, making a calculation in excess of the amount of place settings available inside the room and the number of customers that you can serve simultaneously and quickly without long waits.

Practicality of use

One of the most important aspects that are often underestimated when buying an electric pizza oven is its practicality of use from which derives also the ease of cleaning and maintenance, things that must not go in second place and that facilitate not a little both the daily use of the oven and the operations that allow to keep it always in perfect efficiency.

Cooking uniformity

The secret to churning out pizzas to lick your whiskers is the cooking, which must be uniform so that the finished product does not have overcooked or even burnt areas, and others that are less cooked.

Usually electric ovens allow to reach uniform temperatures inside them, but the quality of construction and materials used, the number and arrangement of heating elements, the variety of cooking programs and the various settings of the oven, are the technical characteristics that must guide the choice when buying a pizza oven. Quality electric ovens, for example, have insulated and independent heating element systems that can reach the operating temperature very quickly and safely, allowing to modulate the baking as well.


As far as consumption is concerned, attention must not only be paid to the heating elements and heating units, but also to the thermal insulation of the oven and the refractory stone inside it, elements that allow to reduce heat loss and reduce cooking times, especially in relation to the refractory stone which, if of excellent quality, allows to keep its heating power constant, once it reaches temperature, even after continuous opening of the oven door when baking pizzas.

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