Here are some useful tips on how to furnish a garden in a shabby chic style. For those who want to recreate all the charm of romantic retro atmospheres and rural settings here are some tips for decorating the garden. If you love functional spaces, an idea to decorate the garden is to insert a gazebo, tables with chairs and flowers with pastel shades, perfect ideas to create shabby chic settings. From the plants to be used to the materials of the furniture, here are the rules to follow for an outdoor with a vaguely vintage flavor and many ideas for spring.

The main features of the shabby chic style are the deliberately worn-out furniture, materials such as wood or wicker, pastel shades and objects recovered and reinvented. The shabby chic garden must have a natural, almost wild look, even if in reality nothing must be left to chance. Plants will have to grow in a disorderly way and according to their nature, but you will have to arrange them carefully so that they can create suggestive corners hidden in the green or flowery paths.

The preferred plants are climbing plants, which give a natural touch to the facade of the house. Wisteria, ivy, roses, vines, will color and perfume porches and gazebos with their spontaneous growth and flowering. Inside old containers, such as tin buckets, wheelbarrows and cans of preserves, you will place instead the seasonal flowering plants such as daffodils, violets, tulips and geraniums.

Shabby chic garden furniture is preferably made of wrought iron in white or blue. Even the wood will be fine, as long as it is bleached or has a pickled effect, but keep in mind that the wood requires more maintenance in outdoor areas. Wicker is also suitable for furnishing a shabby chic garden: choose it for outdoor living rooms made up of armchairs, a sofa and a low table. The seats are embellished with cushions in floral patterns and soft blankets in pastel shades.

If space allows, create secret corners in the garden, which will give the environment a touch of romanticism with a vaguely retro charm. Simply furnish them with a bench or two chairs and a small table, but if you really want to exaggerate you can complete the bucolic picture with a beautiful gazebo in white wood.

If you plan to set up a vintage wedding in the garden, decorate the reception area with antique chandeliers, suspended candles and colorful flowers. The table will be surrounded by chairs of different styles, painted in different shades.

Shabby Chic Style Outdoor Furniture

For outdoor furniture in shabby chic style, our advice is to aim to create, depending on the space available, a functional dining area equipped with a pickled wooden table, to be decorated with linen textiles on pastel shades, such as white and pink powder.

Among the ideas for the garden in shabby style we can not help but mention the gazebos, to be furnished with sofas and armchairs in wicker and cushions with floral or striped decoration.

Gazebo And Shabby Chic Porch

Having a porch or a gazebo in the garden is an extra element, which will make all your outdoor space much more livable and welcoming.

To furnish them in a shabby chic style, a tip is to include climbing plants and flowers in pastel shades, perhaps hanging them with vases in correspondence with the beams of the gazebo.

As for the shabby chic furnishing accessories, you can choose cushions with striped decorations, or, textiles and white and beige curtains to create a more intimate atmosphere. If you love colours, we suggest you to focus on fabrics with all over floral decorations.

Finally, for a truly surprising shabby effect, insert candles, or, by recycling glass bottles, you can give a magical touch to your space by inserting pink roses.

Now that you know all the ideas on how to furnish a garden in shabby chic style, you just have to browse through our photo gallery, where you will find many inspirations for your outdoor space.

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