Artificial grass is being found more and more often in our lives. Its use is no longer limited to sports facilities or small private gardens.

The increase in the quality of the materials used (use best roof rake), the increase in resistance to bad weather, its proximity and similarity to natural grass and the greater guarantees offered by the manufacturers, have meant that the use of artificial grass has broken down the boundaries of garden design and decoration.

Artificial grass; gardens, terraces, patios and even interior design

Where are the limits of design and functionality? When we think that everything is invented, that nothing can be improved, we find what we could not imagine.
The limits are there to be overcome, creativity in design and innovation in materials seems to find no limits, and designers, architects and landscapers seem determined to surprise us every day.
An example of this can be found in the multiple and diverse uses and functions given to artificial grass.

Besides the traditional ones – grass for sports facilities, swimming pool borders, etc– every day it is more frequent to see artificial grass in terraces, patios and large gardens that bet definitively on this type of alternative. And now, more and more, we find the use of artificial grass in indoor surfaces, either as decoration of rest areas in offices and even as decorative and design elements inside private homes.

The 10 advantages of using artificial turf

The most common question we ask ourselves when we decide to use and install artificial grass is, what advantages does artificial grass offer us?
Despite what it may seem, there are many advantages to artificial turf over natural grass.

  1. Ease of installation of artificial turf. There is practically no surface that can resist or prevent the installation of artificial turf.
  2. Although it is somewhat more expensive than natural grass, its easy maintenance makes it more economical in the long run.
  3. It is more resistant to the weather.
  4. A priori, it does not cause any kind of allergies.
  5. Artificial grass is much more resistant to the weather than natural grass.
  6. It doesn’t need much care so it will always look and feel perfect.
  7. And it doesn’t need water, so we will save on this too.
  8. Any space is suitable for artificial grass.
  9. Its texture is soft so it is also ideal for the little ones in the house.
  10. And, of course, in case of fire, it won’t spread the flames.

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